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50 Cent responds to boxer who claims he stole his money

50 Cent responds to boxer who claims he stole his money

Rapper 50 Cent is on the war path again and this time his anger is aimed at Australian boxer Billy Dib who accused him of ripping him off over $1M.

The In Da Club rapper took to his Instagram account to deal with the issue.

“I didn’t take a dime of your money. They call me a lot of sh*t, but never a thief.”

In his accusation Dib reportedly told the Daily Telegraph how things went wrong with 50 Cent.

“My career was skyrocketing, things were going amazing, and then unfortunately — and when I say unfortunately I really do mean unfortunately — I signed for 50 Cent, who basically knew nothing about the sport of boxing,” Dib was quoted as saying.

According to Dibs he never received a quarter of the things he was promised.

50 Cent in his post took some great jabs at him “With a record of 35-1 (21 KOs), Dib must have fought 21 cab drivers in Australia because Evgeny Gradovich with a record of 15-0 (8 KOs) beat the sh*t out of him, despite taking the fight on a month’s notice.”

Next, 50 claimed to have given Dib the empowering tools to help erect his boxing legacy. Even a rematch with Gradovich on the Pacquiao undercard couldn’t motivate Billy to a win. “He got knocked the f**k out,” wrote 50 before adding, “I can only set the fight up…I can’t fight for you, punk!”



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