Adrian Brown A Jamaican Allegedly Beaten In Bahamas

Adrian Brown A Jamaican Allegedly Beaten In Bahamas

At the Junkanoo Festival in Nassau, Bahamas, Adrian Brown, a Jamaican who is currently in the US Navy, was allegedly attacked and beaten with bottles and rocks.

Adrian Brown who is  24-year-old, visited the Bahamas to enjoy the Junkanoo Carnival. Brown claimed that he was attacked while dancing at the concert sometime between late Friday into early Saturday.

According to Brown someone threw water on him. When he enquired why was water thrown on him, one of the men who attacked him said; “Because you a batty man.

Brown later wrote on Facebook that the two men had called him “sissy” and “batty man.”

“I don’t know these people from Adam and they do not know me, and they were hitting me and beating me in my head with a rock. He just said ‘you are a batty man’ and they all jumped me. After the incident, the other two guys that helped me held one of the guys until the police came.”

Brown stated that he believes because of his attire they assumed he was gay as he was wearing a cut-out shirt and fitted pants. “I think they assumed because the way I was dressed that I was gay and I am gay, but I don’t know anyone here so they would not have known that. This was a hate crime.

According to the allegations made by Adrian Brown: “So before anything could happen his girlfriend came up in my face and slapped me and then four people just jumped me. Two girls and two guys, then two Bahamian men jumped in and started helping me. There was no conversation, they just started fighting me. I am not a fighter, I came here to the Bahamas to have fun, party and go back home.”

Brown told the Bahamas media in an interview, a few minutes after being discharged from the hospital where he was treated for a laceration to his head, that he wants the people involved to be charged with a hate crime.

Adrian Brown said that he will be pursuing the case when he returns to the US and he also plans on suing for medical bills as well as the pain and suffering he endured.




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