Another murder in Clarendon

Another murder in Clarendon

There seem to no let up on the bloodletting in Clarendon. Following an intervention by Errol Rattray’s Evangelistic Association’s Operation Hope where a team of police and Christians had outreach in some of the troubled spots

It was hoped that this would have somehow gotten to the gunmen’s hearts and bring about a change. But since the intervention was wrapped up about two months ago, the killing has been continuing.

Many Christians are still not giving up hope on the parish as they believe ultimate good will overcome evil.

In the latest news a juice vendor was killed Friday morning about 8 am.

The vendor is twenty-eight-year-old Michael Williams who was shot and killed while at his stall.

Williams, a resident of Western Park, was gunned down sometime as he prepared for the morning sale.

According to police investigators Williams was standing at his stall when a vehicle drove up. One of the occupants of the vehicle opened fire hitting him. He was later pronounced dead.

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