Artist draws funny mural of Kanye West passionately kissing himself

Artist draws funny mural of Kanye West passionately kissing himself

A mural in Sydney, Australia, of US rapper and fashion designer Kanye West passionately kissing Kanye West is being seen as funny, in both senses — funny ‘ha ha’ and funny peculiar.


“The Kayne pic is very strange but funny,” was a popular comment about the mural painted by Sydney-based artist Scott Marsh, 31, who also painted a controversial nude of Kim Kardashian. The artist reportedly said both artworks were done as a joint project.

Another person commented: “I can’t stop laughing…the picture of Kanye kissing himself explains him so well..no further comment lol lol.”


Interestingly, while there has been a complaint about the Kim mural, which has led to the artist being instructed to remove it, the picture of Kanye West in a passionate embrace and locking lips with himself has been given the green light.


Amused persons have been making their feelings known about the mural: “How the Kanye kissing Kanye painting speaks truth louder than words! I like the painter’s perspective. Kanye is self-obsessed and a top-notch narcissistic!”.

Considered an ego maniac or a genius, Kanye West is known as much for his music as for his epic rants and feuds on Twitter.



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