Daryl Vaz speaks on Monsignor Richard Albert’s death

Daryl Vaz speaks on Monsignor Richard Albert’s death

The passing of Monsignor Richard Albert who served the Catholic church for over three decades in Jamaica has left a big void.

The outspoken priest who challenged the churches in Jamaica to have guts a few years ago urging them to hit out against corruption died at the University of the West Indies Hospital in Mona, St Andrew.

According to a report in the Gleaner his close friend Daryl Vaz called him yesterday about a mass he was supposed to do for him.

“I called Monsignor to remind him of a Mass he was going to do for me. He didn’t sound good. He complained to me that he thought his sugar level was low. I said to him he knows what he needs to do to get his diabetes under control. About an hour later, I called him back to check up on him and there was no answer. I know that he lives alone, and I went up to his house and found him sitting down labouring to breathe,” Vaz relayed to the paper.

After calling his doctor Vaz took him to the hospital upon the doctor’s instruction

“He was fully coherent and knew what was happening. When he went in, he was speaking and explaining to them [health worker] and then he started to complain bitterly of pain in his back. And then all of a sudden, he became unresponsive. They were able to resuscitate him and got back a pulse. Thankfully, we were able to get his last rites to him before he actually passed,” Vaz reportedly said.

Albert joined the Catholic ministry in Jamaica 39 years ago after arriving here from New York. He was instrumental in creating and facilitating the establishment of many social intervention projects like the St Monica’s Home for the Aged, The St Patrick’s Foundation, and the Stella Maris Foundation.


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