Did Politics thwart Dahlia Harris again?

Did Politics thwart Dahlia Harris again?

Fans and friends of theatre practitioner and culture exponent Dahlia Harris all cheered when the news broke that she was appointed Director of Culture in the Education Ministry.

The cheer was no doubt due in part to how she was unceremoniously booted from her job at the Ministry of Youth and Culture. She challenged that one in court and was lady enough not the say what was the real reason behind her losing her job.

But Jamaicans are no fools and they all knew it had to do with some bureaucracy and knew they could do nothing about it, so comforting words were offered and life went on.

Not even a three weeks good since Harris new appointment and the shocking news comes that she has resigned from the post.

Apparently it seems she was appointed before the new boss Ruel Reid took charge of his post and again the whisperings. Seems some ministers and officials are not pleased.

When will the government carry out the will of the people instead of their own selfish desires? If a survey was done Dahlia Harris’ name would ring out loud and clear as the favourite but hey it’s about flexing powers and not about doing what’s right for Jamaica.

“I am so very sorry that you have been caught up in tribal and nasty politics. I am so sorry attempts have been made to embarrass you and that you have been thrown into the middle of dirty politics. I have known you for over 20 years from JBC and you are a decent human being and a professional. Hold your head high. God hates ugly,” one comment from a Facebook supporter….we wish Harris the best in her future endeavors.

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