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Diddy Tops Forbes’ ‘Hip-Hop Cash Kings’ List

Diddy Tops Forbes’ ‘Hip-Hop Cash Kings’ List

It’s official P Diddy definitely has it going on when it comes on to where the money’s at! For the second straight year he has topped the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings List with a net worth of $62 million.

The rapper who started from the bottom is now sitting pretty at the top of the list that was released on Wednesday, September 7 by Forbes.

The rapper held on to the spot by ensuring he was kept busy making the dough.

Diddy’s closet contender for the number one spot is Jay-Z with $53.5 million.

Check out the top ten hip-hop money makers below:

Forbes’ Top 10 Hip Hop Cash Kings

  1. P Diddy $62 Million
  2. Jay Z $53.5
  3. Dr Dre $41 Million
  4. Drake $38.5
  5. Wiz Khalifa $34
  6. Nikki Minaj $20.5
  7. Pitbull $20
  8. Pharrell Williams $19.5
  9. Kendrick Lamar $18.5
  10. Birdman $18 Million
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