Fantasia fantastic at Blues On The Green … but Chronixx got the 'blues'

Fantasia fantastic at Blues On The Green … but Chronixx got the 'blues'

By all accounts, Grammy Award wining artiste, Fantasia gave a fantastic show at the US Embassy Black History Month event, Blues On The Green on Friday night.

The free event, which had been re-scheduled from its original February 26 date, was held at Emancipation Park in New Kingston Jamaica and hundreds flocked to the venue to see Fantasia, Romain Virgo and Jesse Royal in concert. Headliner, Fantasia, dressed in a black, thigh-skimming body suit, delivered an awesome set, performing favourite including Truth Is, When I See U and I Believe, much to the delight of her Jamaican fans.

Romain Virgo performing at Blues on the Green on Friday at Emancipatio Park

Romain Virgo performing at Blues on the Green on Friday at Emancipatio Park

On point too, was Romain Virgo, who treated fans to hits such as Rich in Love, The System, Soul Provider, I Wanna Go Home and Stay With Me. The amn who hits out at the ‘Modern Day Judas’ Jesse Royal, wasted no time in his delivery and made quite an impact.

Jesse Royal

Jesse Royal

Friday night’s concert pulled out quite a few dignitaries, inlcuding the PM Andrew Holness and his wife, politicians, artistes and several members of the music industry. All agreed that it was a wonderful event and much kudos goes to the US Embassy and their organising committe.

Reggae artiste Chronixx leaves the VIP entrance at Emancipation Park

Reggae artiste Chronixx leaves the VIP entrance at Emancipation Park

Meanwhile, an incident involving reggae singer, Chronixx, has generated much comment, post-concert. Reports are that the reggae artiste tried to get acces to the special VIP entrance, which required an armband issued by the organisers. It is not clear whether or not Chronixx had received an armband or if he simply assumed that face-recognition would be enough to get him inside the VIP area which is reserved for performers, their guests, the organisers, entertainers and other specially invited guests. This is the norm for shows at Emancipation Park, which is perhaps the only venue in Jamaica where promoters are not allowed to charge an entrance fee.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that Chronixx and his entourage proceded to the VIP entrance, choosing not to use the main entrance, which whould see him sitting with the ordinary folk. The security guard who was manning the VIP entrance asked Chronixx for his VIP pass. Apparently, Chronixx was not able to produce one. The security guard, following instructions, refused the reggae artiste entry to that special area.

According to reports, the security guard then consulted the organisers and was instructed to fly the VIP gate for Chronixx, but by the time she went back to her post, the artiste was already on his way out. She called him back, but Chronixx did not heed her call.

Hopefully, Chronixx took the decision to go and sit with the ordinary man in the street, rather than leave the venue, otherwise he would have missed a really great show.

As expected, social media has a lot to say about this, with the comments ranging from calls for the security guard to be reprimanded, to praise for the security guard and calls for Chronixx to humble himself. A comment posted by Ann-Marie Nicholas summed it  up neatly: “Chronixx got the blues.”

Below are a few  more comments:
“To those saying the security guard should have done more, I say, reading and understanding what you read is fundamental. The guard did nothing wrong. She assessed the situation and contacted her superiors. As for Chronixx, I enjoy his music and his artistry but you are also merely a man who possess the ability to influence many. Patience is a virtue and principle is still principle no matter your worldly standing! People get to a level and feel as though certain things should no longer apply to them. SMH. We are too easily frustrated and think that everyone is out to disrespect us because we expect them to beckon to our every want and need and not be rejected. Humble yuhself yute! Humble yuhself!”

“Very unfortunate situation, a very important role of a security guard is discretion,I wonder if the other VIP’s wore armbands, according to the images, where is the entourage? some comments r filled with self hate, and r so ready to tear down the artiste. Big up Chronixx, the artist international n must demand his respect, as should all Jamaicans n stop been used n trodden on”

“Security did no wrong. At least she went to get an official. A the US Embassy Event, she got her instructions and followed them. Cause she recognized Chronixx she must use her own discretion and let him and his Entourage in at the people dem ting? … and again, she went to get a superior …. Yoti Esque”

“dont blame him one bit!!!”

“How can anyone not know Chronnix. Even after “waste man” comment. Smh.”
“Never said they didn’t know him… they have to follow the protocols…. who would wish to lose their job because of him… he could wait like everyone else… well… the show went on without him!”

“The security did her job and if you read the article, it did say she proceeded to get an official from the embassy. These entertainers think they are above the law or whatever rules and regulations are put in place.Chronixx is just another man!! No arm band, no entrance, since he refused to wait. Good going security guard.”

“ behavior after him a nu God, Get u armband or wait until d Lady get clearance fi u!!! #punk”


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