First-degree charge retrial for Flippa Mafia

First-degree charge retrial for Flippa Mafia

It seems there is no letting up on Flippa Mafia’s troubles as the latest news is that he will be retried on first-degree charge.

The artiste born Andrew Davis now has no hope in sight of escaping the American justice system.

He is slated for a retrial on a first degree charge in Camden Country

Superior Court in New Jersey, on May 23.

“They held a status conference Monday in court in Camden, N.J. Superior Court Judge John Kelley set May 23 as the trial date for the State to re-try Andrew Davis on the first-degree charge of Leader of a Narcotics Trafficking Network, the one charge on which the jury in the last trial could not reach a verdict,” Peter Aseltine, Division of Criminal Justice press officer in New Jersey’s Attorney General Office, reportedly told Loop News.

“He will not be sentenced on the other charges until he is tried again on the leader charge. Marsha Bernard is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 5.”

Flippa was found guilty in December of first-degree distribution of cocaine, second-degree money laundering, and second-degree conspiracy. The first-degree rap carries a sentence of 10 to 20 years, while the second degree has an incarceration period of five to 10 years.

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