Floyd Mayweather Bets $5.9 Million On Miami Heat

Floyd Mayweather Bets $5.9 Million On Miami Heat

Floyd Mayweather, according to Vegas Gambling Stream, has bet a whopping 5.9 million dollars on the Heat to win game 7 against the Indiana Pacers tonight.

Vegas Gambling Steam @Pregame_Steam

**ALERT** Good source from my #HeavyHitters Vegas crew alerted me that Floyd Mayweather has laid over $5,900,000 on Heat -7 tonight in Vegas
10:44 AM – 3 Jun 2013

The undefeated boxer is reportedly earning close to $90 million this year, but $5.9 million is still insane. This would not be the first time Mayweather has flashed his cash on bets, and is known to be something of a winner when it comes to sports bets.

Mayweather has been seen regularly on the Heat courtside, literally with bags full of cash, so it really should come as no surprise that he would bet this much money, and given the Heat’s line tonight (-7) it could be seen as something of a safe bet.

Reality though has the Heat coming off a horrible game 6 performance, sporting 2 stars who have been in hiding for most of the series, and a Ray Allen who has apparently forgotten how to hit the three. On the other side is a Pacers side brimming with confidence, led by an immovable Roy Hibbert and rising star Paul George.

So if Wade and Bosh did not already feel pressure to win this game, just know that an undefeated boxer, who will likely be sitting courtside, is counting on you to not lose him $5.9 million. May be small change to him, but let no one lie to you, money is money (pun very much intended).

Would you put money on the Heat tonight?

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