Gully Bop and A'Mari 'the Jay-Z and Beyonce of Jamaica'. Is this a PR stunt?

Gully Bop and A'Mari 'the Jay-Z and Beyonce of Jamaica'. Is this a PR stunt?
Venice Fung Chung aka A'Mari aka Mona Lisa

Venice Fung Chung aka A’Mari aka Mona Lisa

According to media reports, a US-based entertainer, Veneice Fung-Chung, who goes by the monikers  A’Mari and DJ Mona Lisa, says she is passionately in love with Gully Bop and has even made the somewhat audacious claim that they are “the Jay-Z and Beyonce of Jamaica”.

She is quoted as saying, “A lot of people didn’t even know that he was sleeping on the floor and I got him an apartment. I couldn’t be using him because I have been helping him in the few weeks that we’ve been together. In fact, we’re gonna be moving in together when I get back to Jamaica.We are the Jay-Z and Beyonce of Jamaica right now.”

Of course, this whirlwind romance begs the question: What does a  fairly young, attractive, upcoming artiste see in Gully Bop, who is 51 years-old, has next-to-no-teeth and a whole lot of drama and baggage? Is she trying to break into the music business and is using Gully Bop as stepping stone? And, who is this A’Mari/DJ Mona Lisa anyway? Does she have ‘a story’? Is she trying to get even with somebody?

Interestingly, A’Mari has been posting a lot on social media and has been gloating that her affair with Bop is the bigggest story in Jamaica. However, she also wrote on her page that “A’mari’s ultimate revenge was having a relationship with Gully Bop after Collin slapped her in barbershop.” Hmmm?

In another post, she says: “Dear Aunt Tiddie, your daughter in law wrote my son saying you all are upset about me being Fung-Chung. Kindly tell your son to tel his concubine to not contact any of my children.”  “It took 20 years for Elon Fung Chung to marry the kangaroo. Gully wants a sacred life. Girl if you write me one more time I will have my boo write a song bout you.”

What is really going on? And then there is an alleged post by a woman who is claiming that a few years ago A’mari abandoned her six kids in the States for a couple of days to come to Jamaica and a whole lot of drama followed. Is any of this true Veniece?

Anyway, in the story carried in a local tabloid, A’Mari aka Mona Lisa, wastes no time in spilling the intimate details of her and Bop’s relationshhip, some of which makes us blush and will not be repeated here. But here are some of Bop’s attributes, according to A’Mari.

“Gully Bop is a good kisser.” (Every gal want a pice offa me. BOOM! But remember that Shauna Chin seh she tyaad a di gum. BOOM!)

“It’s like fire when he touches my body.”

“He has a soft touch.”

“He cries a lot, he breaks down a lot because he is a sensitive person. He cries for the homeless and the poor. He’s a good man.”

Veneice Fung Chung, Amari, Mona Lisa or whatever name she chooses, it is obvious that there is more to her than meets the eye. Let’s hope that all of the padlocks are safely locked away.


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