Could Ardenne’s principal Malloy sitting on TVJ’s Board deemed a conflict of interest?

Could Ardenne’s principal Malloy sitting on TVJ’s Board deemed a conflict of interest?

Arising from the controversy surrounding a re-match between Camperdown and Ardenne High Schools following a Schools’ Challenge Quiz match, many persons are questioning whether or not it is a conflict of interest for principal of Ardenne High School, Nadine Malloy, to sit on the Board  of RJR group.


TVJ, which is owned by the RJR Group, has seen its flaghip programme, Schools’ Challenge Quiz, mired in controversy arising from the outcome of an Ardenne/Camperdown match. Camperdown was originally declared winners, then they were told that they had lost to Ardenne. After a robust fight, Camperdown’s principal is reported as saying that he was advised of a re-match at a meeting with TVJ and told that if his team did not turn up for the re-match the game points would be awarded to Ardenne. Ardenne won that rematch by four points. Camperdown took the matter to court requesting an injunction to stop the competition from proceding this year, but the judge threw out the request.

One point of interest is that the rules of the Schools’ Challenge Quiz competition states that once the schools leave the station after the show is taped, then all scores are deemed to be final. But that rule was apparently tossed through the window on this occasion. As one person commented: De-adre: “I too watched the match it was close and it should have ended with a tie which would then go to sudden death because of tvjs inability to recognise that and there incompetence to properly tally a score we won so as such based off the rules of the prestigious school challenge quiz it self once the match is final there can be no changes…so u were saying.”

A quick look at TVJ’s FB shows comments lambasting the station for their “unfairness” and lamenting the fact that Schools’ Challenge Quiz has lost its credibility. “Thats it for me. Not watching anymore School’s challenge quiz. i have lost all faith in TVJ. So because the principal of Ardenne is on the TVJ board them feel them must thief Camperdown???? smh,” a young woman commented.
“What is the potential conflict of interest Ms.Molloy. Are u a director of the Board of RJR?That u lord for revelation!!!!!!!!!!!”

Riddim-donmagazine.com, having confirmed via the company’s website that Ms Malloy is indeed a Board member of the RJR Group, subsequently contacted RJR via phone to verify if Ms Malloy was still a Board member. “Yes, she is,” the person at the other end confirmed. “She was here at our last Board meeting.”

The issue of re-matches has also taken life. How many re-matches have there been in the history of SCQ and how many high school principals have ever sat of the Board of TVJ/RJR?

Anyway, persons have been giving their opinions on social media, with some declaring that Kingston College, whose win over Campion was said to be unfairly snatched away from them, should also demand a re-match. “KC wahhh we rematch to one bag a unfairness quiz a gwan wid.

“If Ardenne can get rematch , just know seh KC aguh want it to and then every other school aguh want it suh Dem just add fuel to fire.”

“They are the one who open this door , let us see how many situation like this will happen again n if those schools will get their rematch.”

Commenting via Facebook, a girl named Kimberly stated: “Ardenne high school getting away with too much because Nadine Malloy is the principal and she’s on the tvj board”, while Avis, using the same platform, declared, “Let us not say the whole school did something. Tvj and Ms. Malloy did not follow the rules. If the match ended in a draw then it should have gone into sudden death extra time as was the case in other matches.

Mercedes: look wat TvJ cause ya now… dem mek d board member force them hand n now students a suffer to claat #sad

Yes man….. dem too unfair

This a get out a hand the reputation n high standards of SCQ is being damaged, not a good look.

Efforts by riddim-donmagazine to contact Ardenne’s principal proved futile.


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