Jae Prynce  scores with ‘Try Harder’

Jae Prynce  scores with ‘Try Harder’

Rising entertainer Jae Prynse (Prince) is receiving quite a bit of love from radio and in the dancehall for his single Try Harder, which was produced by Frens For Real Recording. The single is presently a daily staple on local and international radio with the video soon to be released.

Jae Prynse and his team are in promotional mode and have kept up the momentum since Try Harder was released in August this year, followed by his new mixtape, also titled Try Harder, which dropped on September 28. Plans are underway for a European tour.

The artiste’s extraordinary journey began on October 23, 1993. Born Prince Afrika Tiaphilus Williams, Jae Prynse was a special child, but for Jae Prynse growing up in the inner city, music was his sanctuary as the harsh streets of Spanglers Downtown Kingston left nothing to smile about. His early life embodied struggle, violence, poverty and pain however music was his light at the end of what seemed to be a never ending dark tunnel. Jae Prynse started to pursue music as a career at age 14 after his family had to flee the inner-city community of Spanglers due to gang violence, in the process, young Prynce lost his chance to complete high school (Donald Quarry High), almost lost his grand mother after she received a graze from a bullet to the head and had to mourn the loss of his older brother who lost his life in the same event. Devastated and marginalized Jae Prynse channeled his pain into music and found that it was not only an outlet for his pain but also a field that he had a knack for.

In 2013 Jae Prynse met up with HDX STUDIOS which he signed a deal with them after they heard and loved his raw talent, this was when he started to use his struggles as a motivation and released his first single entitled  ‘Concrete Jungle’  followed by his single ‘My Life’ and others which announced his presence to the world. But it was not until 2015 under the management of UK Based Live MB Music that Jae Prynse made his musical mark with singles such as ‘Who Feels It Knows’, ‘It Could A Be Worse’ and ‘Fi Mamma’ produced by Frenz For Real, E.N.T.R.A.P.S, Konsequence Muzik and Live MB Music respectively.

These singles gained traction on local and international radio which resulted in Jae Prynse embarking on his first two month tour of the United Kingdom (June- July 2015). The tour was such a success that he once again toured the United Kingdom in June 2016 alongside reggae superstar Luciano and Jah Bouks.

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