Luciano’s family wants justice

Luciano’s family wants justice

Police has now charged three men in the killing of reggae singer Luciano’s 19-year-old son Menelik McClymont. But the singer’s family is far from happy about the direction the case is heading as they say the real mastermind behind the killing is still at large.

According to a report in the Jamaica Star the family is worried the mastermind might just walk away scotch free from facing the consequences of what he did.

Sonia Sterling, McClymont’s stepmother and Luciano’s spouse, said the fourth suspect is the person with whom McClymont had the argument, and was the one who commissioned the other three men to carry out the deadly attack.

“He is the main one behind the whole thing,” she alleges.

According to her after having the argument with Luciano’s son he left and returned in the car with the other three men who carried out the dastardly act. While he didn’t stab Menelik he was the owner of the getaway car.

But what we want to ask in all this, if the three charged who were brought into the argument by this man…why aren’t they ensuring he too face the music? It was after all his war in the first place.




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