Nesbeth Featured In Billboard Magazine & Excites New Jersey

Nesbeth Featured In Billboard Magazine & Excites New Jersey

In the words of the great Chinese politician and philosopher Confucius “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” and that is the type of thinking that has kept Reggae firebrand Nesbeth pushing forward despite his recent perils.

In the wake of the untimely passing of his beloved wife the entertainer continues to exhibit resilience in the face of adversity. Though many would expect him to take a hiatus he instead uses the situation as fuel to attain even greater exploits.

He has caught the attention of the international press landing the ‘My Dream’ singer in the annals of the coveted Billboard Magazine.

In a piece written by Patricia Meschino titled “Jamaica’s Violent Political Divide, Bridged By a Song for Peace” the article delves heavily into the tribalistic nature of Jamaican politics and how Nesbeth’ music helps to bring solace in the midst of the firestorm. Alluding to the influence his music has had on the recently concluded general elections in Jamaica Nesbeth says,

“In previous years, when one party realizes the other is using a particular song they would stop using it because each party wants a song for themselves, but both parties went crazy over ‘My Dream’ unlike anything we have seen in Jamaica’s politics,” the non-partisan entertainer told Billboard Magazine.

The harrowing (politically motivated) gang warfare that has wreaked havoc upon so many lives in disadvantaged communities across the Jamaican landscape — as portrayed in Nesbeth’s most compelling songs such as ‘Guns Out’ and ‘Board House’– renders the success of ‘My Dream’ beyond a career transforming hit: it’s a profoundly inspirational accomplishment for the country.

“In the ghetto you have to be more than strong to stay away from violence because there are more guns there than people,” Nesbeth shares. “Political parties believe in divide and rule, but we have to decide whether to go down the pit or hold our heads high and survive,” he tells Billboard.

Meanwhile, Nesbeth made his first international appearance in New Jersey last weekend since the death of his wife and the undertaking was nothing short of magnificent as despite the somewhat frigid weather conditions patrons came out in their droves to witness a scintillating set comprising of classics hits such as ‘Board House’, ‘Guns Out’ and ‘So Let It Be’ interspersed with more recent hits and capped by the monster hit ‘My Dream’.

Speaking with members of the international press following the show Nesbeth said, “this is a bitter sweet moment to know that the hospital was only a few blocks away where my wife died and to see me return to the same space to do a concert weeks later took a lot out of me but nevertheless I have to be resilient and carry on the mission of uniting the world by allowing people to fullfill their dreams.”

With anticipation high the singer is currently in studio adding the final touches to his follow-up single slated for release very soon.

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