New York Producer opens door for Gay Caribbean artists

New York Producer opens door for Gay Caribbean artists

Dion McKenzie, better known as Tygapaw is a DJ, producer and party promoter. He is one busy musical play as currently he is getting ready to tour with Niv Acosta’s Discotropic production and coordinating two monthly parties, all while working on her debut EP.

Tygapaw was recently featured in the Fader Magazine highlighting her work with ‘queer’ Caribbean artist.

Today, Tygapaw celebrates the second anninersary of Fake Accent, a monthly party inspired by her experience as a queer Jamaican immigrant living in New York, which she curates to highlight queer and trans artists of color. The party also marks the debut of the Fake Accent collective, made up of friends and collaborators all with the shared goal of exploring displacement through visuals and sound.

According to Fader Tygapaw moved to New York from Mandeville in 2002 it was there she met people of like interest who fostered her musical talent which saw her  reworking the dancehall classic ‘Badman Forward’ and doing stuff like remixing pop ballads by Deborah Cox and t.A.t.U.

Her foray into parties started from a desire to always wanting to be booked or to play out.

“I was always really apprehensive about DJing because it was so male dominated. Growing up, I never saw a woman DJ, I never saw anyone in that position that I could see myself in. Even if you have the interest you just don’t know how to get there, the path is not direct. It’s this winding obstacle-riddled way,” she was quoted as saying.

According to her Male DJs would promise to put her on but later followed up with the comment that they are busy.

“One male DJ ended up using me to make playlists for him, to do his work. Those examples of misogyny were really infuriating. With venues in New York you have to prove yourself before they give you the time of day. I was like, how am I supposed to prove myself if I don’t get in a place in the first place? I had to be like, [if] I really want to do this, I’m going to have to do this on my own,” she said.


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