Nicki Minaj Speaks On Gucci Mane’s Behavior & An Intervention For The Rapper

Nicki Minaj Speaks On Gucci Mane’s Behavior & An Intervention For The Rapper

Nicki Minaj says she needs to separate Gucci Mane, “the person,” and Gucci Mane, “the artist,” as she speaks on if the rapper needs an intervention.

With Gucci Mane‘s recent troubles covered by the media, some artists that personally know the rapper have spoken about his antics. From beefing with his former affiliate, Waka Flocka, to assaulting fans, the rapper has seen his fair share of controversy over the past few weeks, leading some to believe that the rapper needs more than a jail cell (which he is currently sharing with frequent collaborator Young Scooter). Nicki Minaj commented on the rapper’s behavior, and whether or not he needs an intervention, in a recent interview.

Nicki Minaj offered her opinion on if Gucci Mane is in need of an intervention while speaking to Atlanta’s Hot 107.9. Nicki Minaj explained how she has to seperate Gucci Mane, “the person,” from Gucci Mane, “the artist.” She also revealed that last she’d heard about him, he was lashing out at people.

“The last I heard from Gucci, he was kinda like, lashing out at a lot of people. I think he felt a certain kind of way, because if he has a request, he wants it done. And if you can’t do it right then and there, oh honey child, god forbid you on tour in Australia, Gucci gon’ be mad,” Nicki said of the Brick Squad rapper’s behavior.

Nicki continued to explain what should be done, and praised Gucci’s as a person. “So, it’s like I separate Gucci the artist from Gucci the person. Gucci the person is a sweet, loving, carefree, funny, hardworking dude. And so I never really paid attention to anything he said,” Nicki explained. “In terms of intervention, I think about how talented he is and I kind of wish there was somebody that could step in and say ‘Gucci, if you only knew how special you were. You would take a moment to really just get centered.’ I just think he really needs to center himself and not to point fingers because I’ve had moments when I needed to center myself. Sometimes you just need to be alone in a meditating type of place and to just kinda block out all the other noise.”

The YMCMB mistress goes on to give Gucci props for, as she says, revolutionizing the underground mixtape circuit, and says she will always respect the rapper.

“He also spawned a lot of careers…He motivated me a lot. I loved being around him, he’s a hustler. And so, no matter what I will always respect Gucci.”

Listen to the audio from Nicki’s interview below.

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