NinjaMan said LA Lewis lived with his gay son {Updated With Audio}

NinjaMan said LA Lewis lived with his gay son {Updated With Audio}

It seems that LA Lewis has called one deejay’s name too many, namely NinjaMan and in the process has incurred his wrath.

Riddim Don Magazine got a hold of a voice note where NinjaMan was giving LA Lewis “a proper tracing”.

He said he has not acknowledged his gay son but LA Lewis was sharing the same apartment with him, implying he found the gay son more fascinating than he Ninja.

NinjaMan did not mince words as he described himself as a ‘John Crow” saying he didn’t eat dead meat, but he stayed high in above everyone else to keep himself out of trouble.

He described LA Lewis as a “set of homosexualist undercover”

“Stop dem suppm deh, come out and tell di public sey I am a gay.”

“You whey name LA Lewis, you are so tied up in this batty business dat a doan know how you a guh get out!”.

The clip was also laced with some threats where Ninja told him he didn’t want to “buss a shot in his face” as he has spent a lot of time out of his 50 years in and out of prison.

He told LA Lewis to cool before he lost control.

Wow…whatever LA said, he had better learn to control his mouth!


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