No Justice Here (Khajeel Mais tribute)

No Justice Here (Khajeel Mais tribute)

The following was submitted by a Riddim-Don Magazine reader Sonya Stewart in tribute to the Kingston College student Khajeel Mais.

The cries have been many, calling for justice as his killer Patrick Powell was found not guilty.

No Justice Here

By Sonya Stewart

My son is dead …a bullet to his head. Did you see who did it? silence…did you see? silence …what did he do to deserve this end? Am I the only one that cares? Where is the justice here?

I carried him for nine months…he just turned 16, who shot my son …why?… who? …silence…Did you see? Don’t you care? am I the only one crying for my son …tears …tears …Where is the justice here?

Who killed my son …no one can tell me …silence is all I hear. I want justice for my son …Justice …Justice… I want justice …until your son die, until you cry there will be no justice here

Is it because I don’t live on the hills …drive a fancy car why there is no justice for my son…. silence…no one speaking no one cares it’s not their child with a bullet to the skull …is it because I can’t pay for justice? Why there’s no justice here …is it because I am black? is it because I am poor?…tears… why no one cares …where is the justice here?  Who shot my son?…why? …  Until your child die, until you cry there will be no justice here.



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