Prime Minister Andrew Holness goes market shopping…at a crime scene on the Sabbath

Prime Minister Andrew Holness goes market shopping…at a crime scene on the Sabbath

Take a look at this picture. On the surface, it appears to be a very nice picture of Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, doing his market shopping on Saturday – or the Sabbath as it called in Adventist circles.  His market basket is quite pretty (looks new actually) and the ground provisions are just perfect.


Why, then, would many persons on social media be slamming Mr Holness for posting this perfectly innocent picture on social media, captioned: “I couldn’t go through the market without purchasing some produce!”

Well, perhaps because this just happened to be close to a grisly crime scene where three men had been brutally murdered the night before.  The PM happily went shopping at the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, St James while visiting the nearby murder scene where three men had been  shot and killed Friday night.

The  men — 39-year-old shopkeeper Phillip Binns,32-year-old higgler Hansel Chambers and 25-year-old higgler Gregory Holder — were  at a shop owned by Binns at the market when the incident occurred.  Mr. Holness had met with St James Police, Senior Superintendent of Police Steve McGregor,  MP Horace Change Holness and the grieving spouse of  higgler, Gregory.

The Adventist Prime Minister, whose religion does not condone buying on the Sabbath, has been taken to task for posting these pics on the basis that they are clearly out of sync with the sombre mood of  the meeting. These pics, some say, are inappropriate.

Of course, life goes on.  However, it would perhaps have been more prudent of  Prime Minister Holness not to have posted the pictures, even if he couldn’t resist buying the fresh produce on the holy Sabbath day.



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