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R-DM ALBUM REVIEW: Bugle Stays True To Self

R-DM ALBUM REVIEW: Bugle Stays True To Self

Review Written by: Samuel Gardner

If I should think of an artist who stays true to themselves especially in this music industry, I must say that has to be Bugle, from the very moment he debuted on the scene with hits such as “What We Gonna Do” and “Journey”  the An9ted artist remains on the positive side of things. In an era where sex and money is the main topic in most songs, bugle always pops up with a track that reminds listeners to take heed and do right. Now with his Sophomore effort “Be Yourself”  a fifteen track album released on his own An9ted Ent label, Bugle pours out pure honesty and in your face truth, a discipline we all need from time to time. With features that range from Shaggy to Dancehall newest sensation Shenseea plus other surprise guest, this album is a must listen.

The project starts with the album title entitled “Be Yourself” , In a world where peer pressure and self hate is on the rise, Bugle outshines all negative energy with confident lyrics such as:

“be yourself even when no one                    wants to accept you for you
chances are it’s just because                        you’re not doing what they
want you to do. Before you please
anyone, please yourself”

these are words our young people who are easily influenced and surrounded by so many different energies need to hear and some adults too. “Devalue” is a track where it’s obvious the artist is expressing his observation of young people not lifting themselves up and easily being attracted to entities that have nothing to offer them, Bugle asks where is your morals, where is your values?? Bugle celebrates life and his self worth on the third track stating that the race is not for the swift but for who has “Endurance”
Your wages might be minimum but work hard just the same, Bugle belts out words of encouragement on “Always A Way” on a remake of the classic Prison Oval Riddim.

What’s Jamaican culture without the great plant we’ve all come to know as Marijuana? on this Dubstep/Dancehall fusion track, Bugle and Shaggy Celebrate the “Ganja” all weed smokers get your lighters ready to flick for this one. Shenseea and Bugle has a solid conversation about real love on “Love Me Only” a talk all lovers should have occasionally, this one is a smooth lovers rock vibe so rock easy while listening. If words were a toy bugle would definitely have high status in word play, on “Genuine Love”  the An9ted one reassures his lady that his love won’t fade like a barber, after such a statement I don’t see why she would leave. Track eight Bugle reminds himself that “Better Must Come” even when it seem like the clouds won’t part for a chance of sunshine we all will have a day that we can shout victory, If he’s not recording in the studio the only other place you more than likely will catch Ras Bugle is at a “Rasta Party” among prince and princess, kings and queen. To join in on the festivities Tarrus Riley and Sizzla also hold a vibe at the party, Observe more and speak less and watch while the heathen hang themselves with their own “Rope”

“Elevation” is a track filled with knowledge, Bugle advises the youths to steer themselves in a direction where they can provide for themselves and family honestly by means of education instead of taking the easy route of crime and loafting. Contious Roots group Rockaz Elements stand beside Bugle reminding the people never to give up on “Sophisticated Sufferers” Go for what you want , don’t sit around and wonder, another Be Yourself themed track, Bugle chastise listeners on “Never Say You Can’t”  It would seem like these days most are attracted to negativity and place good thoughts to the side, Bugle is very Much displeased with his fellow man choices and expresses that on “Once A Man Twice A Child”  In a time such as now where social media is apart of most of our lives and we all know that from time to time the internet can be a very opinionated  and judgmental place, Bugle shines with humility on “Acceptance” the Ras states come as you are because we are all brothers and sisters no matter what choices we make it’s one love.

This is an album every music listener should keep close, just in case you feel you need a reminder to stay on track or lacking motivation. No matter what obstacle your facing or life decision you have to make just remember to “Be Yourself”


Bugle feat. Shaggy – Ganja [Official Video 2017]

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