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R-DM ALBUM REVIEW: Dexta Daps – Intro-ducing To The World

R-DM ALBUM REVIEW: Dexta Daps – Intro-ducing To The World

Review Written by: Samuel Gardner

Every good novel or story deserves a great Introduction and with Dexta Daps and his “Co-Writers” Daseka as the authors, that’s what your going to get with this great body of work.
Although there’s an edited version of this release, This 12 track album is very much an adult themed album targeted for the grown and sexy audience. That should be no surprise for fans of the 7/11 crooner, Babies can be made from the very first song “Only You” with this track alone you’ll realize that the production quality of this album is not to be underestimated neither Dexta’s penmanship and delivery. Next up is the album’s lead single “F*ck You Mean” which has been a scorcher on airwaves ever since it’s release, Dexta found his way back to love on the Reggae with a touch of a Bachata sounding single “Love again”

Versatility floods throughout this whole project, Dexta and Alaine flirts slightly with infidelity with the brain picking but good track “Do Good” next up is the popular known sensual single “Mi C Mi Bed N Miss U” which is a definite favorite among the ladies. Dexta demands all of his woman on the ripping up the sheet track “Owner” I must say it’s one of my personal favorites from the album, “Love Vacation” is a smooth track reminding couples that sometimes a little get away is needed to spark the lost flames.

Throughout all the love making and desires Dexta does not forget that it’s important to know he’s blessed on the “I’m Blessed” track, in this same track he also reminds the youths with lesser opportunities that no matter what hardships they may face they’re blessed. “Super Hero” is a perfect tribute to all the mother’s, here Dexta Collaborates with his protege Blakkman, with his melodic flow and wordplay he is the perfect feature for this single. “No Coke”  highlights Dextas firm advocacy for the plant loved by many worldwide known as Marijuana, “Toast” also is another token for the youths in the ghetto. The last page of the introduction shows Daps in fully auto style on an instrumental that slightly reminds you of the popular Michael Jackson track “Dirty Diana” with heavy metal guitar riffs as rough as Dexta vocals on various parts of this ruff cut.

Intro is not your average Dancehall album, as in, it’s not laced with tons of singles that’s already radio friendly that would lead one to think it’s a compilation. Apart from two popular singles, it’s a solid effort from the Daps with fresh creativity and superb wordplay. Executive Producer for this Project goes to the unstoppable Daseka, all said and done, don’t miss out on this Intro because there’s so much more to come.

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INTRO – The Short Film

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