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Review Written by: Samuel Gardner

One of the most important element in life is time, time is the master of all things. For quite some time there was a void that needed to be filled in the Genre of Reggae in its own birth country Jamaica. Countries all over the world that has been influenced by this sound, one way or the other have been cradling the genre in their arms like a pirate that has stumbled upon hidden treasures.

Since 2012 in comes a young teenager  from out of Spanish Town Jamaica , which is the capital and largest town in the parish of St.Catherine in the historic county of Middlesex, Jamaica. For the past five years of this young man’s phenomenal career in music he has provided listeners and fans worldwide  with Massive singles Such as “Warrior” “Smile Jamaica” and E.P.’s and Mixtapes such as the well received “Dread and Terrible”(2014) Andy “Roots &  Chalice”(2016)

Now in 2017 with a few awards and musical projects along with alot of touring experience the 24 year old Reggae Artist is now ready to chronogically release his long awaited debut album “Chronology” this fifteen track album with one bonus track is released on the Virgin EMI Record label with many easy grooves. This album produced four lead singles and one of the four is “Spanish Town Rockin” which is on the legendary Prison Oval Riddim. Great opening for an album that takes it’s listener on a musical journey, next up is “Big Bad Sound” which includes a feature from Chronicle the young generals father who layed some musical influence on Chronixx as a youth. You can hear the bond between father and son as both don’t miss a beat on this record.

“Skanking Sweet” is a track that will have you doing exactly that, the harmony and arrangements of the natural instruments combined is nothing short of a musical treat. Many all over the world would consider Jamaica to be one of their favorite place to travel and get away, sweet it is but Chronixx explains that what’s sweet could also rot ones tooth. Jamaica is paradise but it has its rough edges where one must stay on point in the “Ghetto Paradise”. For many a years as shown in the classic “Harder They Come” Film young men that’s from the rural areas of Jamaica always seem to venture out into the city and gravitate to the gangster lifestyle, Chronixx tells that story in great detail in “Country Boy”

One of Chronixx biggest single to date “Smile Jamaica” which he speaks to the country as he would for that special lady in his life, Jamaica definatley got some love on this one. Ever felt as if you can’t achieve what you’d like in life? well throw away all that negative vibe as Chronixx tells you to keep pushing on the vibrant “I Can”. The media is well known for showing and spreading negativity, especially about the black youths and their community, the Chron Dada gives the people some reassurance to know that their black is beautiful on “Black Is Beautiful”

Not too many popular songs in this era uplifts and embraces the women especially the black woman but on “Majesty” the women are being reminded that they’re royalty and should see  themselves as such. Everyone at some point in their life experience some type of loneliness here and there and the Chron Dada shows that he’s not exempt from this notion on the track “Lonliness” In an era where most depend on their phone and social media to gain self approval, Chronixx beg to differ on the twelfth track entitled “Likes” where the singer states that he only do what he does because of passion and drive, therefore he does it for the love and not the likes.

Many times we tend to forget to show appreciation to loved ones and those close to us until it’s too late or it doesn’t matter. On “Tell Me Now” The singer  boldly suggest that we give each other the flowers now before we can’t smell them. The biggest superhero sometime is the man or woman you never heard about, the individual that feeds the homeless in our community and provide shelter for abused children and women. On “Legend” those individuals received a proper big up from the young lion.

Christina” is a track where the Ras dabbles a bit into that old Detroit Motown sound, a sweet radio friendly track that is all about that girl Christina. This sweet and groovy project decided to give it’s listener an encore with the feel easy groove with self contious lyrics track “I Know Love”

Chronology is an album that came at the right time in Reggae Music, a true reggae album should be able to provide positive and clean vibes at all times. Easy on the ears and gives you a chance to listen and get a message but also have fun and smile, this is a solid album for all reggae lovers to enjoy. Get yourselves a copy and Spanish Town rock.

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R-DM Album Reviews

Samuel Gardner is a young refreshing entertainment Broadcaster/Journalist who has been in the industry for the past 3 years. Samuel focuses on the American and Caribbean music scene and has a wide knowledge on various genres including Reggae and R&B. He has done interviews with artists such as recent Grammy nominated reggae artist Devin Di Dakta, Queen Ifrica among others. He has a voice and mind that should be shared with the world.

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