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R-DM ALBUM REVIEW: Morgan Heritage Create Magic With Avrakedabra

R-DM ALBUM REVIEW: Morgan Heritage Create Magic With Avrakedabra

Review Written by: Samuel Gardner

Do you believe in magic? if not, I’m sure after listening the legendary royal reggae family Morgan Heritage thirteenth studio  album you will see that Reggae music can cast a great spell on its listeners. This fifteen track album is another heavy installment to this family irie collection, it falls short of nothing for even the features are Golden,  royal guest varies from Ziggy Marley to the Late but Great Bunny Ruggs O.D. among others in which you’ll discover in this review.

The first ingredient to this spell is the opening track “Want some more” which will have you taking off your shoes and skanking up a storm with its heavy roots bass line and groovy rhythm section, you’ll have no choice but to want more. The dubstep fused “One Life To Live” is a  reminder to us all that we should not waste our time trying to please others or watch others live but to live ourselves, because we only have one life.

“One Family” is a track that has a great message of love, the type of love that sometimes we tend to forget from time to time, love for our brothers and sisters (Human Race) with such a message  what better guest to have but Ziggy and Stephen Marley, two royal families coming together as one family.

When the topic of love is brought up it’s hard to not speak on the love between a man and a woman and on “Golden” that special lady is reminded that her loving is such and her presence is more than necessary.  She also has Mojo Morgan stepping out from behind the scenes and spitting a few bars like any seasoned Hip-hop star, next up is definitely a tear jerker but also a refreshing feeling to hear the legendary Third World crooner Bunny Ruggs O.D. On the track “Tribute To Ruggs” it’s as if Bunny is still with us as he and Heritage speak on Social Commentary issues that usually dwell among the poor and down trodden, as these situations are still somehow relevant with lines such as

“why mr.politician yeah so big and
fat, and so much still a suffer, you
naw hear nuff talk about that”

with a little avrakedabra hopefully we will see a  change for future generations to come. “Reggae Night” has a touch of the Jimmy Cliff classic of such title mentioned previously, it’s a tune that’s filled with good vibrations and with feature DreZion to add his flavor, the night will be filled with great energy. The world is filled with beautiful features and Globally there’s so much to see that you’re eyes can feast on and “Selah” is a testament to such. This album is filled with musical surprises and with the Hip-hop/ R&B geniuses R.City as a featured guest on the eighth magical track “Ready For Love” it will have you ready to receive nothing but love. The tropical vibe of “Pineapple Wine” will have you running to book a vacation which we can all use every know and again, aloha.

Dre Island and Kabaka Pyramid gives a hand in battle on “We Are” reminding the opposition that the youths are the future and this generation will not be stopped. Every man fantasize every know and again right? Well Heritage makes it harmless on “Dream Girl” and to make it even better, she’s from the caribbean. Peetah Morgan is in full control on the track “Ride and Roll” with Gramps on the ad libs, the girl just wants to ride and roll while the boys are rocking steady and won’t stop, this track is definitely an anthem for the summer beach parties, get your red plastic cups ready.

It’s never an easy thing to wake up every morning going to work not knowing if your going to have your job the following week with a wife or husband and kids at home, then boss man wants to cut back your hours well on “Harder Than You Know” is definitely a song you should email your supervisor…….seriously don’t, but it’s a good thought provoker.

If this album hasn’t got you moving so far “Dancing In The Moonlight” should have you searching for a partner to get close to with a glass of Sangria on its way to your table, with a pinch of steel drums within its rhythm section that will take you back to the streets of Trinidad and an  international sound that should have the whole world coming together in harmony this track is just pure tons of fun. On the final track of this great body of work, “Reggae Night” is so nice Heritage had to do it twice and they brought Stylo-G  to join in on the U.K. remix of this master blaster. Hands down Avrakedabra is a classic, a well put together album that will last reggae lovers a lifetime, and it’s just in time for the summer fun and magic. Don’t miss out on the fun.

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1. Want Some More feat Mr. Talkbox
2. One Life to Live
3. One Family feat Ziggy Marley & Stephen Marley
4. Golden
5. Tribute to Ruggs feat Bunny Ruggs
6. Reggae Night feat Drezion
7. Selah
8. Read for Love feat R. City
9. Pineapple Wine
10. We are feat Kabaka Pyramid & Dre Island
11. Dream Girl
12. Ride and Roll
13. Harder Than You Know
14. Dancing in the Moonlight
15. Reggae Night (Global Remix) feat Chubb Rock, Stylo G, Timaya, Bunji Garlin, Stonebwoy, Drezion & Jaheil

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