R-DM Album Reviews

R-DM ALBUM REVIEW: Sizzla States His Claim

R-DM ALBUM REVIEW: Sizzla States His Claim

Review Written by: Samuel Gardner

With over 100 hundred albums and counting, and still to remain one of the stellar artist of our time for over twenty years, Sizzla definitely has the right to make a statement such as “Fought For Dis” for an artist to make so much music in such quantity, the inspiration is definitely not of this Planet.

“Fought For Dis” is a ten track solid package, featured fighters on this project include “The Prophet” Capleton, Gentleman, Vershon and Mark Wonder. Already in the opening Roots rockers type vibe track, same title as the album “Fought For Dis” Kalonji is already speaking Knowledge to the youths with lyrics that guide. For example:

“A wise son makes a happy father
a stupid person will go astray”

Kalonji states that we’ve came from too far to give up now and after so much work that our ancestors have laid down for this generation, we need to take heed and keep our heritage as a nation. Hip-hop artist M1 Dead Prez lends a few bars on “Freedom” where Sizzla In union warns the oppressors “I’m not your property, for nations and colonies I’ve ruled” if that ain’t freedom especially of speech then tell me what is. For those of us who are frequent listeners of the Judgement Yard boss we should already expect Sizzla is never shy to send praises to his God and King, and so he does on the drum and bass track “Love You Jah Jah”. On track number four “Happy For You” a set of Bongos can be heard before Sizzla jumps on the battlefield firing lyrical darts, Capleton reminds that Jah is for everyone and he will open doors, Vershon who is known more for mere raunchy lyrics, shows versatility as he appears on this bouncy rhythm with nothing but pure positivity.

In an era such as now, where violence and tension continues to increase and less love is shown, not just on the Island of Jamaica but worldwide “Show More Love” fits right in. Hopefully who has ears to hear will listen to Kalonji beckoning for us to live up and unite and think twice, well needed message. As you will notice, this album is filled with important reminders that can help us to make it from day to day. On “Don’t You Worry” Featured singer Mark Wonder sings:

“Don’t You Worry, things will be
better, no matter the time or the
weather. Remember Rasta love
is forever, got to be bold in
your endeavour”

Gentleman also places his few cents on this full of life track and reminds listeners of Jah never changing promise of comfort. On “Children Are The Future” Kalonji is still fighting with his to the point lyrics as his weapon, telling all evil spells to avoid from hurting the children as they’re well needed to carry on our nation, their blood will be on the wicked shoulders, Kalonji shows no nonsense to this situation as he continuously chants, “got to make a move now”. Songbird Nakeisha vocals enchants Sizzla to speak in tongues as she affirms him that she’s his on the lightly sensual and Jazzy “Take My Breath Away”. On this Mortal journey the human race will face many temptations, and so it is important for someone to whisper occasionally in our ear that “Much More” than fine gold is that you have a clean heart and soul and let none take you for a ride. On the last and tenth track, it would feel as if it’s 5:30 A.M. in the morning, driving on a flat bed truck on the way to blue mountains when listening to “Jamaica” with its misty vibe, Sizzla and the sweet mystique of artist Sugar Cane blends together to ask the most high for help and guidance throughout their earth trodding.

Once done lending your ears to this body of work, I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed and vitalized and ready to take on the next day. After all, you’ve came this far with the help of the almighty to overcome your obstacles, pat yourself on the shoulder and say to yourself, you’ve “Fought for dis” and keep fighting……the journey continues.


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