R-DM SPOTLIGHT: Andrea Godin talking music, music, and MUSIK!

R-DM SPOTLIGHT: Andrea Godin talking music, music, and MUSIK!

By Paul Collins for R-DM

Andrea Godin started performing at age 11. She learned the guitar at 14, leading to a gig at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Eventually, Andrea started writing music at age 15, making demos which led to radio play at 18. “I remember being called a shining star on the rise,” she told me by phone interview from her home in St. George Ontario, only one hour West of Toronto. “If I never got into song writing, I would not be in the position I am in now,” she added. In 2009, at age 19, Andrea recorded her debut EP which was released in 2010.

Since that time, she has released singles. Andrea did the circuit for musicians in Toronto. She performed at the Sound Academy Polson Pier Club, The Opera House, Devil’s Martini, and The Mod Club.  In the past year, Andrea has done work with a Grammy nominated producer in LA. They released a song in 2012 and got good airplay in dance clubs and on Sirius XM. Their next release is coming up in a few months. “I can’t say too much about what is coming out,” she said with a chuckle. Andrea Godin did an artist collaboration in Toronto with producer Jesse Burke on the latest song Hot Summer.

They shot the music video on May 24 long weekend and it is expected to come out mid June 2013, or at the end of the month. You’ll know when it is out there! She released her first music video in January 2012. It was aired on Much Vibe, an urban show and BPM TV, a TV station which is just like Much Music except it is for Dance Music.

“Who are your inspirations?” I asked her.

“My inspirations are artists such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jojo, and Christina Aguilera,” replied the sexy voice from the phone.
Andrea Godin plans to perform in New York very soon. Andrea’s age 23 on June 8th, a Gemini, brown eyes, and she’s on the prowl with a world tour. Look out for her!

Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way

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