R-DM SPOTLIGHT: Luiz Caracol a Portuguese from the south hemisphere

R-DM SPOTLIGHT: Luiz Caracol a Portuguese from the south hemisphere

Three years after “Devagar”, the new album “Metade e Meia” is the culmination of a mature sonorous, lyrical and musical journey dued to his solo career. He performed hundreds of concerts with Sara Tavares as a guest artist and also collaborated with names like Jorge Palma, Zeca Baleiro, Manecas Costa, Fernanda Abreu, Uxía or Tito Paris.

Born in Portugal, but generated in Angola, Luiz Caracol has always assumed in his music and in his lyrics a strong mestizo side and “Metade e Meia” reflects not only this mix but also all the influences that are in himself.

In this second work, the stories of Luiz Caracol was blended with other copyright partners such as Zeca Baleiro, José Luís Peixoto, Fred Martins, Fernando Terra, Edu Mundo, Paulo Flores and Biru (AF Diaphra) and recorded with guest artists from the deep lusophone world: Aline Frazão, Remna Schwarz (son of the legendary Guinean composer José Carlos Schwarz), Biru and the writer José Luís Peixoto, who does not sing but gives voice to part of his poem “Tempo”.

The two firsts singles can be already listens in the biggest Portuguese and Africans radios and the tour beguns with more than 20 concerts around the country before goes to rest of Europe.






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