R-DM SPOTLIGHT: Meet “Swaggi Maggi” Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and Promoter

R-DM SPOTLIGHT: Meet “Swaggi Maggi” Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and Promoter

Maggi was born in Nurnberg Germany by a Chilean father and German mother. She grew up surrounded by Latin-American music and dances and got instruction in Ballet and Set-­‐pattern dances as a child and teenager.

Maggi 6In 2006 she got to know Dancehall queen Style through local competitions and started to develop her Dancehall skills with her first crew „Badda Gyalore“. After finishing high school Swaggi Maggi moved to Berlin and continued to teach herself Dancehall as much as possible auto didactically. She won the Official German Dancehall Queen Contest in 2010/11 and travelled to Jamaica in early 2011 for the first time. Since then she has been back and forth twice a year to further develop her Dancehall skills and study Dancehall culture. She studied at Edna Manley College’s School of Dance in Kingston/Jamaica where she extended her education in Caribbean traditional dance and culture.

Maggi also received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Portuguese Philology. In 2015 she is finishing her master’s degree in Anthropology and Cultural Studies of the Caribbean and Latin America, focusing on Jamaican dance culture. Thus, she approaches Dancehall not only as practitioner but also as a researcher and encourages her students to study Dancehall from a cultural perspective. Living in Berlin Swaggi Maggi choreographs shows for her team “Primetime Danzas“ and teaches Workshops all over Europe (Poland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Slovenia, Russia) and at festivals in Germany (Reggae Jam, Ruhr Reggae Summer, BigUp Funkhaus Europa).

Maggi 2In 2012 she founded “TopUp Production“, organizing Dancehall events, classes and workshops.
In 2014 she realized one of her dreams: “TopUp di Dance Jamaica Trip“, bringing a group of students and dancers from Europe to Jamaica to get to know Dancehall from the source.

Swaggi Maggi is member and official international tour manager of DanceJA, bringing Jamaican dancers on Tour to spread authentic Dancehall in Europe (Latonya Style, Sri Lanka, Kimiko Versatile, Craig Black Eagle, Boysie Roses, Oshane Overload and many more to come).

She is recognized as Dancehall dancer in Jamaica and booked for video shoots, parties, stage shows and commercials.


Swaggi Maggi danced for Artists like:

maggi 1Mavado, Elephant Man, Busy Signal, Beenie Man, TOK, Gentleman, Richie Stephens, Khago, Voicemail, Bugle, Kiprich, RDX, Ishawna, Shaka Pow, Million Stylez, Maximus Dan, Heckert Empire, Tippa Irie and Gmac.

Guinness, Lime, Magnum Sting, Appleton and Supligen Music.

Beenie Man – Million Gal, Richie Stephens feat. Beenie Man – Madness, Elephant Man – Do di right ting, Chi Ching Ching feat. Popcaan & Beenie Man – Way Up

You can book Swaggi Maggi for Shows, Workshops, Judging, Video shoots and as Choreographer!


Mail: swaggi.maggi@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SwaggiiMaggii

Youtube: www.youtube/c/swaggimaggi

Instagram: swaggi__maggi

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