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Rick Ross Speaks Out About Having The Number One Album

Rick Ross Speaks Out About Having The Number One Album

“Mastermind” proved to be an unequivocal success as it swept its way to number one on the charts. Rick Ross took some time to reflect on his enormous success.

It’s good to be Rozay right now as he takes his unlikely sales victory over Pharrell’s latest album. After performing at the Fader Fort at South By Southwest, Rick Ross took some time to talk about his recent success with In Flex We Trust, saying, “You know what, when this is what you center everything around, you just want the best, not only for yourself, but for your team, everybody you build with I not only want a #1 for me but for all the new-time dudes who’ve never been on a #1 album.”

But Ross still remembers his humble roots and expresses a desire to keep himself in check to keep the music flowing strong.

“Regardless of the success I see, I still go back to my foundation … that made me,” Ross said. “Yesterday, after being out on promo for two months, I took a day out of my schedule to go to the smaller markets in South Carolina, the Columbias, you know the [places] that don’t get attention. But those are the places where I remember making my first $5,000 shows from, so I still go to those places. At the end of the day, I still think that’s the energy that keep that moving like that.”

This is consistent with everything Ross has done. In fact, he still gives a shout out to his hometown Miami, in spite of the troubles the city has been seeing.

“Where I come from in my city, I come from Carol City in Miami, they’ve renamed it the Miami Gardens, you know, and they done dubbed it the Murder Gardens, and it’s unfortunate but those are conditions we were unfortunately seeing coming up. So me being in the position I am, that’s what come with that. So rule number 1 in the handbook I studied is never let the game kill you.”

Mastermind is out now and is continues to conquer the charts

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