Riddim Don Relationship Vibe

Riddim Don Relationship Vibe

You can pleasure your woman without the ‘G’ spot

Let me hear you say oooh and aah when I hit that G-spot baby…R Kelly crooned the words of that popular song and men just love that find that spot to send their women wild.

However, a lot of men still don’t have a clue where to locate it much to the woman’s disappointment.

But we have good news for you guys, you don’t need to…there are other ‘hot spots’ on the woman’s body that can absolutely drive her wild.
We have been doing our research and according to experts there are other areas that are guaranteed to get your woman all fired up and ready for you.
This, according to the experts were tried and proven on other women who admitted that it worked!


The A-Spot • 11% of Women Have Discovered It

How to find it
Follow the front wall of her vagina until just before you reach her cervix. There you’ll find her A-spot, says Fulbright.
Swipe your finger across it like a windshield wiper. If you feel “divots” on either side, you’re too close to the entrance—that’s her G-spot. Scoot in an inch or two.
How to ‘awake’ it
After lots of foreplay, plant the padded part of your finger on her A-spot. Pull your finger across the front wall, toward you. You sure will know if you are reaching her by her response.
The Cervix • 7.5% of Women Have Had a Cervical Orgasm

How to find it
With deep penetration, you can touch her cervix with your penis. “It feels sort of like the tip of your nose—firmer than the spongy texture of the vagina, this according to Lisa Masterson, M.D., of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.
For most women, the cervix sits 3% to 4% inches in, but that’s before arousal.

Keep track of her period: It’s around ovulation (usually day 13 to 16 of her cycle) that cervical stimulation tends to be most pleasurable,
Circle her cervix with a finger or two; once you make direct contact, slowly glide over the area, applying firm, gentle pressure, until she feels a deep, almost total-body pleasure.

Who know there just might be other areas you are yet to discover, so go on a pleasure hunt while you take care of your woman’s sexual needs.

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