Riddim-Don Relationship Vibe: Men don’t be too quick to give up your house!

Riddim-Don Relationship Vibe: Men don’t be too quick to give up your house!

Yup, sounds strange coming from a woman, but guess what men have been making some huge mistakes when it comes on to the house they worked so hard to build.

The marriage failed and they move out leaving the wife and sometimes there are not even any children in the union.

The latest advise coming from a lawyer is that men should think twice before abandoning their home as a part of the divorce settlement.

It is touted as one of the most damaging errors a man can make during his divorce and that is to voluntarily move out!

According to one article every day men facing divorce move out of their home, and every day men going through divorce quickly learn why it can be such a blunder. Once you vacate the marital home, it can be exceedingly difficult to get back in.

Most men leave because they – being gentlemen think it is their obligation to leave even when they are not the one in the wrong.

But guess what doing that is unwittingly sinking yourself into a hole and could mess you up later on!

The attorney could use that to say you abandon the family home and if there are children involved – the family!

So hear what stick to your guns and tough it out – no matter how nagging, or provocative she turns out to be. Leave your final actions up to the court anything else won’t be in your best interest.



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