Shanique Myrie’s husband accuses her of beating him!

Shanique Myrie’s husband accuses her of beating him!


Shanique Myrie is in the news again. Remember her? Five years ago she made the news after being ‘finger raped’ by the Barbadian immigration authorities after being denied entry into that island.

She successfully brought a case against the country won and collected a couple million Jamaican dollars.

Her American husband of three years has taken out a restriction order against her and is accusing her of abusing him.

The whole saga was published in the Star where Shanique claims that she is innocent and is being set up because she has walked away from the relationship.

“He said I chased him down with knife, and I kicked him in his groin, and that I punched him on his hand that he did surgery on, and stuff like that,” she reportedly told the Star.

“He’s just upset because I walked out of the marriage. That’s why he’s trying to ruin my reputation there. That’s why he’s doing what he’s doing. I’m telling the media in Jamaica, do not listen to him,” Said Myrie who was booked to appear in court but has seen the hearing being postponed.

Her husband Troy Pusey, who resides in Hartford, Marland alleges that Myrie has been fully abusive to him.

Myrie who was arrested on February 26 will be returning to court on May 5.

Stay tuned.

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