Shebada denies being a scammer

Shebada denies being a scammer

Well here is a new one – Shebada a scammer! Nah, we definitely did not believe that one.

However, the comedic actor is taking no chances and has come out and flat out denied that he is involved in any such activity.

He has taken to his social media page to cuss out some people who are trying to sully his name.

We guess all this stems from a GofundMe page that he created seeking cash donations.

The page was created he said to help senior citizens in Franklyn Town.

“Mi nuh need fi come as scammer because if a dat mi did a do, mi wud a dweet incognito! Everybody knows I have my career working on like everybody else, and because fans have been telling me to come on Facebook live, I said I would use it as an opportunity to launch my charity. That charity now, I will use to help the old people in Franklin Town,” he told the S

Shebada said that he made the decision to make his social media presence worthwhile, unlike the ‘Facebook trappers’.

“Which artiste yuh know going to come online entertaining when they have other stuff to do, hmm? I have a job and this is not a paid gig, and I still have to fund what I’m doing regarding credit and all that. There are just some persons out there who are just Facebook trappers, they are not uplifting to social media and I think they were created to derail persons who are going forward. Those people who are criticising are uneducated, especially di females; mek sure say when a man a look yuh, him can support yuh. That is my message to those females who are criticising me. As for di males, well, mi can’t too bash dem because mi nuh too hear dem say nuttn,” he was quoted as saying.

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