Tears, joy, as fun-loving cop Shane Francis shot dead; said to be trigger-happy

Tears, joy, as fun-loving cop Shane Francis shot dead; said to be trigger-happy

Never speak ill of the dead is one adage that is being ignored as many online have been having their not-too-good say about Detective Constable Shane Francis, who was shot dead at a party in White River, St Ann, on Sunday night by a man who is said to be the sales rep at a major company.

Francis has been described by a host of friends and family members as a community-oriented, fun-loving guy whose presence will be sorely missed. And while tributes have been pouring in, with many saying RIP, there are others who are rejoicing – yes, rejoicing — at the death of the former Ferncourt High School student. According to one person, Francis’ death is simply “karma”. Francis, a ten-year veteran in the force, was stationed in St Ann’s Bay.

Constable Shane Francis...shot dead at a party in St Ann on Sunday

Constable Shane Francis…shot dead at a party in St Ann on Sunday

A woman who says her brother was killed by Francis, publicly stated on Facebook: “This is justice … this man killed my brother and never once reached out to my family I hope his soul never rest in peace …burn in hell.”

Another person commented, “A lot of mother him make cry for their boys, if the man never fast last night they would be reading about the man now!!!! Then his friends are behaving like he was innocent he should of dead long time.”

According to another reader: “Murdered? U pulled a gun and step to another man.. He retaliate in self defense. Perfect reflex! Sympathy me r@*s.”

“It seem as if he was a trigger happy police and pop off pon the wrong man….” was another comment.

In an interesting turn of events, it has been revealed by the police that Sunday night’s shooting was the third time Detective Constable Shane Francis had been involved in serious gun-related incidents, leading many observers to label him triggger-happy. His name has been called in the killing of a colleague, and also in another incident a year later in the shooting death of a patron at a dance.

The first incident was six years ago, also at a party. Reports are that another constable, Sheldon Williams had been taken into custody for engaging in gun salute at a dance both he and Francis had attended in Ocho Rios in 2010. During the procesing, Williams grabbed his gun and ran. A team of policemen gave chase and it is alleged that during a shootout, Williams was shot and killed. Francis was said to be one of the shooters involved. The Coroner’s Court, which conducts inquests into sudden or suspicious deaths is now hearing evidence in that case.

It must be noted, too that, a very upset reader on Facebooked contradicted reports of an exchange of fire. “This is some bullshit. What exchange of gunfire? Sheldon Williams did not fire his weapon once while being chased by those cops. He ran for his life because he felt they were a threat to him. they murdered him and covered it up but NOTHING BEATS PRAYER. His family never stopped praying and his killer met his demise being the usual trigger happy fool he always was.”

In the second shooting incident, it was reported that in 2011, Francis’ name was called in the shooting death of a male patron at a dance in Paggee, St Mary.

Constable Shane Francis, was shot and killed by a licensed firearm holder exactly one month after he celebrated his birthday. The man has since turned in himself to the police, but up to news time, had not been formally charged.


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