UB40 feud getting ugly

UB40 feud getting ugly

UB40 the British Reggae group known for hits such as Red Red Wine, Falling In Love With You and Food For Thought seem to be in chaos as their feud is now getting out of control.

According to reports in the media the issues dividing the group has no clear solution in sight.

Settlement is definitely not likely to happen in court with neither side backing down, despite mounting costs.

In March, original singer Ali Campbell lost his bid to block a high court injunction from brothers Robin and Duncan Campbell in UB40, the reggae outfit he co-founded in 1978 and quit in 2008.

Now touring as UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mickey alongside long-time trumpeter Terence “Astro” Wilson and keyboardist Mickey Virtue, he says the verdict will be postponed indefinitely as lawyers hash it out.

“It’s disappointing and it’s really silly,” Campbell says from London. “Because they don’t stand to win anything. They’re already called UB40 and they’re dying a death.

“With these situations, they go on for years and the only people that win are the lawyers. They’ll keep it going for as long as they’re getting paid.

One thing is for certain, the only clear winners in this affair are the lawyers.

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