‘US embassy official not 100 per cent truthful’ says producer

‘US embassy official not 100 per cent truthful’ says producer

Foundation producer Gussie Clarke of Anchor Recording Studio in Kingston is contradicting a comment made by Joshua Polacheck, public affairs officer at the United States Embassy in Kingston.

The Public Affairs officer made the claim that many of the artists who are claiming they were denied visa because of the homophobic lyrics they did is not true.

He also said the interviewing officers did not even know some of them and didn’t have the time to scout through lyrics to see whose was appropriate or not.

Clarke told the Jamaica Star that Polacheck might not have been totally honest about the matter.

“I do agree with some of what he said because there are many reasons why entertainers are denied visas. My view is that any and every government takes everything into consideration when one culture believes in something and another opposes it. If some artistes are, for example, anti-gay, why would it not have an impact on certain things,” Clarke asked.

“I don’t think he was being 100 per cent accurate and truthful. It [anti-gay lyrics] must have an impact if they are pro-gay and they see elements of our industry as being anti-gay,” Clarke continued.

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