Usain Bolt on gifts to parents

Usain Bolt on gifts to parents

They say motivation is what drives you to accomplish and what better one than wanting the best for your parents.

In a one on one interview with Ian Boyne on Television Jamaica’s Profile Usain Bolt the track darling of the world opened up about a lot of things including his love for his parents – Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt – and how they motivated him to accomplish as a track star.

Bolt revealed that though he hated track and field training as a youngster, he was motivated to continue because he dreamed of buying gifts for his parents that would improve their lives.

“That’s how it started out, to help my parents. My mother always washed and when she finish wash her fingers sometimes blistered and stuff like that…I wanted to buy my mother a washing machine,” Bolt told the host in the two part interview.

“And even in the country we don’t have running water regular so we used to have to throw water in the washing machine to make it wash but I really wanted that,” Bolt further stated.

Well he also had dreams for his father too as he told Boyne, “…the next thing for me was to get my father a vehicle because he had a bike but he used to use the company van and then he got redundant so he had no van it was just a bike. And then I wanted to help him pay off the loan off the house that we were living in,” he shared.

Well there is no doubt, he can now buy his parents all the things their little heart desire … so kudos to our track king for his dedication and his being a great son.

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