Watch the Video! Dancehall artiste Spice lookalike gets proper beating in Wal-Mart!

Watch the Video! Dancehall artiste Spice lookalike gets proper beating in Wal-Mart!

What can we say about this? Just watch the video below. It was posted by selector  Foota Hype on Instagram and he states that Spice was beaten in Wal-Mart but we all know that Foota is a mixed bag of goodies. Certainly, the real Spice has a few tricks up her sleeves and does crazy stuff all in the name of PR, but this woman is a real Spice lookalike. The other woman dun Spice lookalike. Bwoy, people can surely look like people. Blow after blow, after blow, after blow… Spice herself could not be reached for comment on this person who looks so much like her.


footahypemusicGm breaking news at 7 live dancehall artiste @spiceofficial and a gal a war over Nicholas Inna Wal-Mart a foreign this serious to blotclaaat 😂😂😃😃😁😂😅😅😅 .
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barbiebarbz25😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 yow mi no wah believe say a really spice dat a swear….look hw she mek di Yankee gal a deal wid har? Hahahaha hey all wen mi done wid har she a get lick wid trally everything wah mi ketch shi a get lick wid pree all di head lock 1 r@#s bite shi wudda get inna har belly @lady_khay
born_kingingHow dis look mi G @djskalaba
ressie____@mar.zino @__sumidon @imageboy_kindrick @shad_jackco the gyal f%$k up spice tpc
lady_khay@barbiebarbz25 mi nuh kno needa but ….. di gyal av ar life a puppet



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